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We Want Books We Can't Put down


What are we?


At The Book Room, we love to read the kind of fiction that keep us up late at night. The books you simply can’t put down, despite your eyes falling out of your head. We are a literary agency that seeks writers with the ability to make us want to keep turning the page. Then, we will do our best to help them sell their books around the world. We dream big ourselves, and we hope our writers will too.


What we read

The Book Room specialises in contemporary, English-language fiction for the globally-minded reader. We seek writers with a unique voice and a vivid sense of place. We accept thrillers, family historical dramas, comedies – you name it. As long as it tells a riveting story that sets fire to the imagination. We focus on books set in Asia and Australasia, including - but not limited to - places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Melbourne, South Korea, Aukland. Although we only read English-language books, we want multi-cultural, diverse characters that are relevant to modern society. Be bold, be different and above all else, be unique while capturing the essence of the region in which you're writing about.


The submission process

The Book Room communicates with trusted publishing houses around the world in a bid to see its books gain as wide an audience as possible. If you have a completed, edited manuscript, please email our team. Note that it can take a month for us to let you know whether your manuscript has been successful. The Book Room complies with reputable agencies in that it does not charge a reading fee. However, we do not offer free editing services. In some circumstances, we may provide brief advice to writers with potential. Ready? In the first instance, please email suzanne@the-book-room.com with the subject headline: Manuscript submission, then the book’s title. In the body of the email, briefly explain a little about your book, how many words it is, what you do and why you have written this story. Please attach a double-spaced word document of the first three chapters only and a one page synopsis. Do not send illustrations or photographs.

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